Teaching/learning/training Deliverables (with deadlines)

Data collection and Analysis of existing course assessment tools (CATs) in IL, GE and EU and benchmarking with EHEA.

January 2018

General Framework Plan summarizing existing CAT and/ or planning for new CATs for courses that will be assessed.

March 2018

Setting up programs for Train-the-Trainer workshops

September 2018

Design and Development of new/renewed assessment methodologies based on the above

August 2018

Development of workshop for train the trainer with workshop first draft of CAT’s training manual

January 2019

Delivery of train-the-trainer in GE and IL

(EU + IL + GE)

February - May 2019

Peer mentorship

(IL + GE)

March 2019 - September 2019

Piloting CAT’s selected courses, Finalizing CAT’s handbooks  

July 2020

Summarizing train-the-trainer and Preparation for PIlots

June 2019

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