wP 2 - Development


Development of CATs

Partner HEIs will design and develop new/or modified assessment methodologies based on the findings of the general framework for CATs developed in WP1.

Thereafter, during the first year of project the design of quality standards and course assessment procedures for GE , IL and EU will be undertaken by UCC and assisted by ISU.  Meanwhile, national meetings in GE and IL will be organize to discuss cultural and institutional needs of training the trainers  and fine tuning the CATs that will be implemented during the piloting phase.

Train-the-trainer sessions

In this sub-package EU experts collaborating with IL/GE ASSEST faculty, will set up the programs for the Train-the-Trainer workshops. An initial workshop will be used to elaborate a first draft of CAT’s training manual.  At least 4 faculty per HEI will be trained at EU-hosted course assessment development trainings.   

The delivery of train-the trainer in second year in both GE and IL. National meetings for peer consultation and sharing best practices and peer mentorship will take place as well resulting in multiplier effect (~10 faculty per HEI).

Developing and maintaining ASSET’s On-Line Platform Designing online platform; Maintaining and updating site; Development of public ASSET’s online platform site Educators Personal Areas on portal

The course assessment tools will be created in online format. TU Technology Center will be responsible for leading the train-the trainer sessions and assessment of the online modules.

A distance learning (moodle) system will be elaborated.

A software platform for long distance learning will be used so that teachers from partner HEIs can benefit from that. The portal will be developed in a way that there will be a professional page for everyone.

The training materials will be integrated in the system and will be tested during the pilot phase

Piloting of CATs

During the academic year 2019-2020 2 to 4 courses will be tested using innovative CATs. Mapping the CATs to the GE and IL system is very important to increase the impact in student performance.

The aim is to start a piloting year in at least 2 courses from previously TEMPUS funded curriculum development projects (e.g. DOIT), preparing an information package for teachers, updating CATs according to students’ needs and alignment of learning outcomes to be achieved.

During the piloting phase, there will be national meetings for peer consultation, sharing best practices and peer mentorship. At the end of the pilot phase CAT’s handbooks will be elaborated. Thereby, general information will be provided about the lessons learned and observed and impact generated on teachers and students alike.  

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