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Hi, just updated the latest decisions



Dear Anat,

yes, you are absolutely right. We use the subject to explain mindomo and its features to the participants. The participants should work with mindomo simultaneously with us while we show them the software. To do so it would be helpful to have a first very primary CoMa of the topic that might give us an idea how to present the topic to the participants in mindomo. If we have enough time for this part participants can explore mindomo based on the topic on their own in the workshop.

Thanks a lot for your help! Monday night is great. Good luck with your conference paper.


Von: Anat Abramovitch <> Gesendet: Freitag, 25. Januar 2019 12:14 An: Förster, Manuel <> Cc: Dorit Alt <>; Karin Heinrichs <>; Klaus, Julian <> Betreff: Re: TT-Workshop on the the ASSET-Homepage

Dear Manuel and all,

I will be able to send you some material by late Monday. I have to submit a paper to a conference and I am occupied with it.

Just to clarify my idea. I thought that this subject will help you explain and implement mindomo simultaneously with the participants, the whole time period scheduled for this part.

Is it o.k.?


‫בתאריך יום ו׳, 25 בינו׳ 2019 ב-10:36 מאת ‪Förster, Manuel‏ <‪‏>:

Hello all,

thanks for your hints and helpful comments. I changed the time table in the padlet based on your feedback.

If I get you correctly you provide a topic for the participants, Anat. Thank you very much. All your suggestions are fine to me and the topics are well chosen so that every participant should be able to work with the topics. Could you develop a first basic CoMa with a few details on your topic (maybe handwritten and you send us a photo)? We would transfer your concept map to Mindomo and in the first part of section 2 we would explain the participants the main functions of Mindomo with the topic choosen by Anat. At the end of part 2 the participants can practice by their own with the topic you develop. We would just show them the main functions (how to create a first concept map and how to add a picture, a hyperlink, task information, …). Anat, could you provide us with a very basic CoMa and the information on your topic?

Best regards


Von: Anat Abramovitch <> Gesendet: Freitag, 25. Januar 2019 07:09 An: Dorit Alt <> Cc: Förster, Manuel <>; Karin Heinrichs <>; Klaus, Julian <> Betreff: Re: TT-Workshop on the the ASSET-Homepage

Hello all,

If you all agree we can choose a subject that will relate to most participants like "global warming" or "food loss (food waste)", "growth of world population", "solar energy" . Please add subjects you think will suite...

After we choose one, I can arrange a brief summary of the chosen topic. From this summary participants will choose words and Manuel or Julian could guide them through the mystery of Mindomo.....

Please let me know what do you think about what I have written....

Best wishes,


‫בתאריך יום ה׳, 24 בינו׳ 2019 ב-22:53 מאת ‪Dorit Alt‏ <‪‏>:

Hi, I have attached my comments to Anat’s

From: Anat Abramovitch <> Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2019 8:16 PM To: Förster, Manuel <> Cc: Dorit Alt <>; Karin Heinrichs <>; Klaus, Julian <> Subject: Re: TT-Workshop on the the ASSET-Homepage

Dear Manuel and all,

I think you’ve done a great job. I like the way you divided the workshop, and think that using the padlet is a good idea.

Here are my comments:

1. I think we should merge the first two parts, mention the concept-map but put the emphasis on learning mindomo. I agree that the first part the context (i.e., orientation) should be shortened yet not deleted due to its importance. So basically, the table should stay the same, we can during the ws consider shorten it to 5 -6 min.

2. The “Learning and practicing the tool Mindomo” section- I suggest participants will practice on a subject we will choose for them, so their focus will be on practicing the tool. Anat has a point, as the faculty are from different disciplines, if all agree I suggest that Anat, prepare a task, if she agrees. It should be something that many can relate to and “translate” it to a concept map.

3. In the “Development of implementation strategies for concept maps in your own courses (group work)” section, maybe we will add mindomo as a tool they can use. I think that this is the main focus of the workshop.

4. Final discussion: I think we should put a blank page that its title: “Express your opinion about Concept-Map as a tool for alternative assessment” . The participant will fill out an e-questionnaire right after the WS with the same questions, so I would not suggest another preliminary questionnaire.

Best regards,


‫בתאריך יום ה׳, 24 בינו׳ 2019 ב-18:28 מאת ‪Förster, Manuel‏ <‪‏>:

Dear Dorit,

thanks for the quick and positive response. I added the message in our forum.

Best, Manuel

Von: Dorit Alt <> Gesendet: Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2019 17:15 An: Förster, Manuel <>;; 'Karin Heinrichs' <> Cc: Klaus, Julian <> Betreff: RE: TT-Workshop on the the ASSET-Homepage

Dear Manuel,

The plan seems perfect, I would ask all the participants to have laptops to this session

(and to all others too). For each session we have 105 min + 15 min filling out a questionnaire.

We can shorten the schedule as you recommended accordingly.

Thank you so much for your effort,

Please upload the message you sent to the working area to document the work



From: Förster, Manuel <> Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2019 2:37 PM To: 'Dorit Alt' <>; '' <>; 'Karin Heinrichs' <> Cc: Klaus, Julian <> Subject: RE: TT-Workshop on the the ASSET-Homepage

Dear group-members,

attached you will find a first suggestion of materials for our CM-Workshop in Israel. We would suggest that we use a padlet as a helpful platform for the workshop (and the participants). We have prepared a first padlet for one course where you can find all the materials we have developed so far. The participants could find all provided materials, could upload the results of their group work und we as instructors could summarize the results of the discussion on the padlet (which is available for all participants during and after the workshop). You can find the padlet course under the following link:

I will send you links, so that you have Admin-rights to change the course and its structure. For that you have to register in padlet.

Because we documented everything in the padlet the template for the CM-Workshop is quite short. Please see if your understand the course, the padlet and its structure. We stuck to our plans we developed in Linz. So there are no new phases.

Please feel free to change everything you would like! This is just a first suggestion. We have not yet proofread the different materials either.

@Dorit: If we understand the schedule for Israel correctly we have only 105 minutes and 15 minutes are used for evaluation. Is that correct? If so we would like to shorten the Mindomo presentation by 10 minutes and the group work by 5min. We could also discuss the workshop on skype in the next week if that might help us to discuss further steps. What do you think? We are looking forward to your comments, changes or improvements.

Best regards


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