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Plan of the Georgian WS



Train the Trainers workshop PLAN

Name of the WORKSHOP /TOOL session:

Concept Map (CoMa)

Learning outcomes:

First insights in Mindomo and be able to construct a first simple Concept Maps.Participants can choose different kind of concepts within Mindomo.Participants can link external documents (videos or web-pages) to their concept map.Participants develop strategies how to use CM within their courses.Participants can state pros and cons of using concept maps.Participants are able to recognize the contribution of CM within formative assessment processes.

Target group: (E.G. faculty members, PhD students, MA students, student teachers, etc.).

faculty members

Number of participants:


The Workshop is organized with a padlet. See for further information and the prepared materials.





Stages or Steps of the Activity


Short description


Time slot


Resources or equipment needed


Comments by the trainer






Submit the knowledge about CoMa and Mindomo.

We provided a short presentation on the padlet.

For further information we uploaded a detailed presentation which provides a deeper insight into the Concept Maps (see padlet). The participants can use these slides in the group work or at home.

During this stage, we share the padlet-link with the participants. So they can work in the “transfer”-stage with the padlet.


5 min.


Projector, Laptop, PowerPoint,







Registration for the tool Mindomo.

Learning and practicing the tool Mindomo

Presentation and handout for the basic functions.

The handout for the participants is uploaded on the padlet.

Showing some possibilities for the use of Concept Maps in teaching as a formative assessment tool


30 min.


Laptops (all participants), Mindomo account (all participants),


Handout (can be downloaded from the padlet)


one trainer to present Mindomo






Participants discuss in groups implementations and teaching strategies for the concept maps and prepare a presentation of 10 min maximum.

First 15 minutes participants think freely about strategies. Then we upload supporting questions which can be used as a pool of ideas or as an orientation (see the padlet).

Group size: 4-6 participants


Please work in groups and describe implementation strategies how to use Concept Maps in your classes. Provide a short presentation of your ideas and implementation strategies. You can use Word, PowerPoint and upload your files in your group folders on the right hand side or your can directly add your ideas in the padlet.

Each group has its own padlet area where they can upload their presentation or directly post their results. The way of summarizing the group results depend on the groups.

There is the possibility to upload questions on the padlet which can be tackled in the discussion.


35 min.



PowerPoint, Word, padlet


Trainers support the groups and help with questions






One or two groups will present the results of the group work (presentation; max. 10 min.).

The other groups add ideas how to use Concept Maps and discuss ideas.

The results are added by one of the trainers in the padlet.


20 min.




PowerPoint, Word, Padlet


One trainer must add the discussion points in padlet






Discuss the relevance of CM within formative assessment. Here the pros and cons of using concept maps as formative or summative assessment tools can be discussed.

Q & A Session: If there are questions in the padlet questions area they are discussed by the trainers or the participants.

The results are added by one of the trainers in the padlet.


15 min



Projector, Padlet


One trainer must add the discussion points in padlet

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    A CoMa is a visual representation of knowledge. The process enables one to organize and structure information and the relationships between them. Concept maps provide a visual representation of conceptual and relationship knowledge within a particular domain. Concept maps may aid the instructor in assessing what students understand and how they relate the material to the overall course goals. Technological platforms and assessment methods of CoMa are provided
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