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Workshop planing for Israel



Dear group-members,

attached you will find a first suggestion of materials for our CM-Workshop in Israel. We would suggest that we use a padlet as a helpful platform for the workshop (and the participants). We have prepared a first padlet for one course where you can find all the materials we have developed so far. The participants could find all provided materials, could upload the results of their group work und we as instructors could summarize the results of the discussion on the padlet (which is available for all participants during and after the workshop). You can find the padlet course under the following link:

I will send you links, so that you have Admin-rights to change the course and its structure. For that you have to register in padlet.

Because we documented everything in the padlet the template for the CM-Workshop is quite short. Please see if your understand the course, the padlet and its structure. We stuck to our plans we developed in Linz. So there are no new phases.

Please feel free to change everything you would like! This is just a first suggestion. We have not yet proofread the different materials either.

@Dorit: If we understand the schedule for Israel correctly we have only 105 minutes and 15 minutes are used for evaluation. Is that correct? If so we would like to shorten the Mindomo presentation by 10 minutes and the group work by 5min. We could also discuss the workshop on skype in the next week if that might help us to discuss further steps. What do you think? We are looking forward to your comments, changes or improvements.

Best regards


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    A CoMa is a visual representation of knowledge. The process enables one to organize and structure information and the relationships between them. Concept maps provide a visual representation of conceptual and relationship knowledge within a particular domain. Concept maps may aid the instructor in assessing what students understand and how they relate the material to the overall course goals. Technological platforms and assessment methods of CoMa are provided
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