Jul 30, 2018

Dear ASSET GROUP 3, thanks for your good work. You find my comments on the final draft of our working paper. Cheers Karin

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  • Marine Gognelashvili
    Apr 26

    Warmly greeting dear group members! 1. We will decide the WS leader in each day. 2. We will review all the uploaded materials in line with the external evaluator’s comments – note Dorit until April 30th. Please, provide us final information, who plans visit Georgia. Best Regards,
  • Marine Gognelashvili
    Jan 8

    Dear team members, Prof. Dorit reminded us to indicate the WS each of participates as a trainer or a trainee. Let's decide the roles of our group members. best regards, Marine
  • alt dorit
    May 20, 2018

    Attached in the drive is the first draft of our work. Kindly review it and add your comments if any, send them to me no later than June 1st, at this date the draft will be sent to Karin, as planned. Thank you for the fruitful collaboration that helped creating this draft . Dorit

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