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Apr 8, 2018

Dear ASSET working group no. 3,

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As agreed, the following is our plan based on our meeting in Cork, with several updates and comments, I will post this message to our working area (preparation - working area- GROUP 3),

• Theoretical background – Mari TSU (also Maka) with Karin doing feedback – deadline – End of April 2018

1. Reflective diary

2. Peer assessment

- Mary and Maka - I have uploaded materials to the portal (GROUP 3), please let me know if it helped. Are you making progress? do you need any help? when will you manage to deliver the materials?

· Description of tools – Dorit and Nirit – April 2018 - we are working on it - will be ready in two weeks.

• Pre-piloting –Rhonda and maybe Anat, Maka – peer group assessment. Dorit and Nirit are currently pre-piloting the tools - will be summarized by the end of June. Rhond? Anat? Maka?

• Pre-piloting reflective diary – Maybe Rachel, Maka and Nirit Dorit and Nirit are currently pre-piloting the tools, Rachel, Maka?

• Pre-pilot results presented to faculty members at HEI and feedback gathered – HAC, GCE, KAC, SJSU,TSU June 2018

Dorit and Nirit are not sure that the results can be presented BUT the tools will be presented to our faculty at the beginning of May.

• All material submitted to Karin by the end of June

Waiting for your kind reply and thanks for your collaboration



Apr 8, 2018

Thanks for summarizing our goals and working plan - I fully agree and I am looking forward to read and review more. Please let me know if I can help..

Best, Karin

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