maka murvanidze
Apr 14, 2018

Dear Dorit,

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Edited: Apr 14, 2018

Sorry for late response. We had Easter Holiday.

As we agreed in Cork, we are preparing "Theoretical background" on Reflective diary and Peer Assessment. It will be ready in late April. Thank you for uploaded resources. They really helped. Just one quick question. How long should be this material (approximately how many pages) and second question, should both of them be together or separate ones?


As for my job according to Pre-piloting I am doing it as well. I began this job in Early March (because of the beginning of 2nd term at our university) I began all of them, but in different courses and in different subjects. Students like it.

I think I may share my experience, tools and results to our faculty and Asset members too.

Thanks for Reminding Dorit,


Best regards,

Maka Murvanidze (SJSU)

alt dorit
Apr 16, 2018

Dear Maka,


the length of the theoretical review should be around 2 - 4 pages max.

As for the pre pilots, Nirit and I are doing it as well, I think that the most simple way to integrate it into our current report will be as the following:

I will try to design a simple form to which each of us will tick in her pre-pilot experience, will send it to you for your comment, and then if you will find it helpful - we will use it in our current report. For example, some of the rubrics can be: the number of student participated, department, the learning environment description (PBL....), the tool used - a short description, pros and cons....



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