Midterm Report - Attachments


WP1: Preparation

1.1 Coordinator’s small team visit to Georgia Outputs available HERE

1.2 CM#1 Outputs available HERE

1.3  Data collection and Analysis of existing CATs in IL, GE and EU and benchmarking with EHEA.

1.3.1 Mapping CATs gathered form each HEI (summarizing existing CATs). Output available HERE

1.3.2 Comparative analysis of CATs. Output available HERE

1.4.1 GE first national meeting Outputs available HERE

1.4.2 IL first national meeting  Outputs available HERE

1.5 General Framework Plan summarizing existing CAT and/ or planning for new CATs for courses that will be assessed. Achieved see 1.3

1.6  Purchase and installation of equipment for assessment tools REPORT available HERE 

1.6.1 reported purchase and installation REPORT available HERE 

1.6.2 Approved equipment lists









WP2 – Development of course assessment tools

2.1 Development of CATs

2.1.1 Quality standards and a framework for designing the CATs. Outputs available HERE

2.1.2 Six tools on the portal. Outputs available HERE

2.1.3 IL second national meeting. Outputs available HERE

2.1.4 GE second national meeting, Outputs available HERE


2.2  Train-the-trainer and Peer mentorship

2.2.1 Preparing the Train-the-trainer sessions:  CM#2 Outputs available HERE

2.2.2 Providing the Train-the-trainer session in IL. IL Train-the-Trainer session Outputs available HERE   

(GE train the trainer webpage available HERE)

2.2.3 Peer mentorship in IL. Peer mentorship Outputs available HERE       Net of Practitioners available HERE

WP3 – Quality monitoring and control of the ASSET project

3.1 Setting up the framework of a quality control plan and monitoring of the progress according to the framework plan

3.1.1  LFM revised available HERE

3.1.2 ASSET QA PLAN  available HERE

3.1.3 QA WORKPLAN AREA  available HERE

3.1.4 QA measurements  available HERE

3.1.5 QA reports  available HERE

3.2 Internal review self and peer review

3.2.1 Checklist to Evaluate the Quality of Questions available HERE 

3.3 Development of Evaluation tools for CATs/Workshops/Pilots ALL the following measurements are available HERE

  1. Evaluation tool for CMs

  2. Train the Trainers Evaluation questionnaire

  3. Peer mentoring Evaluation questionnaire

  4. PILOT: Evaluation questionnaire for TEACHER  and STUDENTS (EN, HE, GE)


3.4 Applying Evaluation tools, collecting and summarizing data. All the following reports are available HERE


3.5 External review and report by EU ASSET external evaluator, field monitoring. All the following reports are available HERE

3.5.1 External Evaluation workplan

3.5.2 External Evaluation report of CM#2, CM#3

3.5.3 First field monitoring meeting in GE – report

3.5.4 External evaluator midterm report


4.1 Dissemination within ASSET’s Consortium and online and social-Professional Networking

4.1.1 ASSET Dissemination materials

4.1.2 ASSET Dissemination activities and plan

4.1.3 ASSET Facebook

4.2 Dissemination through ASSET’s Website  www.asset-erasmus.com

4.3 ASSET special events: Dissemination to other HEIs in IL and GE by partner NGOs. Materials available HERE

4.4 Organization of round tables, symposiums, national and international conferences in IL and GE to raise awareness of importance of triangle teaching-learning-assessment. See ASSET Dissemination activities HERE 

4.5 ASSET dissemination on Erasmus+ beneficiary's area. ASSET Erasmus+ beneficiary's area available HERE


5.1 Communication, control and Monitoring

5.1.1 The management plan available HERE 

5.2 Management of Program and preparation of midterm/final reports

5.2.1 Guidelines discussed during CM#1. available HERE 

5.2.2 Guidelines discussed during CM#2. available HERE 

5.2.3 Materials for the first field monitoring meeting. available HERE 

5.2.4 First filed monitoring in GE report. available HERE 

5.2.5 External evaluator’s midterm report. available HERE 

5.3 Project financial and administrative management

5.3.1 Project financial and administrative management on the portal:  guidelines  available HERE   templates available HERE

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