wP 1 - Preparation


Coordinator’s small team visit to Georgia, national preparation meetings in GE and IL and CM1 Kick-off meeting

At the beginning of project KCJV and GACE will present the project to the Georgian partners. It will serve to prepare the first draft of partnership agreements and management plan. It will also help to create a communication plan and team spirit between GE and IL. Thereafter, national meetings (Israel , Georgia) in each partner country will be organised which will serve as preparation of the first consortium meeting. The kick-off meeting will set the pillars for the project implementation. Herein, the steering committee will be formalized, quality and dissemination plans presented and signature of the partnership agreements officialised.

Data collection and Analysis of existing CATs in IL, GE and EU and benchmarking with EHEA.

EU partners and GE, IL teams will collect common course assessment tools in their countries. The meeting in Cork will serve to make a comparative analysis of these tools and proposed a path for implementation of WP2 (Development) taking into account the different local contexts.

Second National Meetings: Finalizing Framework Plan for ASSET

A second national meeting in IL and GE will be organised to finalize the common framework to develop WP2 (Development) in each country taking into account the recommendations from EU experts during the kick-off meeting in Cork.

General Framework Plan summarizing existing CAT and/ or planning for new CATs for courses that will be assessed.

A general framework plan for the development of CATs in IL and GE will be finalised and presented to all partners and posted in the digital repository and the website.

Purchasing and installation of equipment for assessment tools

The objective of this task package is purchasing and installation of infrastructure (hardware, software and literature) that will support all course assessment teaching activities. Laptops, simulation labs, clickers,  among the cooperating institutions to support all aspects of project work and educational and assessment processes.

For IL and GE only: download Request for changes in EQUIPMENT form HERE

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