wP 3 - Quality Plan


Setting the framework of a QA Plan Monitoring of the progress.

At the beginning (M2) OFUB and TU will elaborate a framework for quality control and monitoring in ASSET together with GACE and TSU. Each partner HEI will follow the QA plan where it will be indicated the criteria for internal assessment, the templates and questionnaires to be used in trainings, workshops and dissemination event, institutional key performance indicators will be selected. Project activities and results will be monitored regularly (every three months) throughout the whole duration of the project within the consortium. GACE and TSU will facilitate everyday communication and quality control and monitoring of project results in IL and GE. Partner HEIs will give feedback on the main project activities and outcomes.

Internal review self and peer review

During the first year, the quality monitoring working group will prepare the materials (questionnaires, templates) that will serve to monitor internally the project. In second and third year internal review reports will be elaborated and posted in the project intranet.​

Development of Evaluation tools for CATs/Workshops/Pilots

In the second year, the quality monitoring working group will develop the evaluation tools to assess the piloting of CATs in 2 to 4 courses per partner country HEI.

Appling Evaluation tools, collecting and summarizing data.

In the third year, during the piloting phase questionnaires, interviews, focus groups will be carried out. Assessment tools will be analysed and a report will summarize the findings. Results will be used to assess the effectiveness of CATs in student performance.

External review and report by ASSET partners

An external subcontracted evaluator will monitor the project implementation. This will be approved by the Steering Committee at the beginning of the project. The tasks performed will be sub-contracted.  A report is expected mid-term and by the end of the third year. Likewise, ASSET partners will submit annual reports on QA results according to the framework for quality plan

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